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Act Layout multiple contacts at companies.

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Act Layout multiple contacts at companies.

Using ACT 2007 v9.


We have been users for years, and adopted using ACT one way (maybe incorrectly) - all the customers are a contact.

We have grown over the years and now find the database is problematic to use.


The problem is we have employees that are calling customers from the database, but with multiple contacts at over half of the customers, they quite often find they care calling a customer that one of the other guys called the previous day. We keep notes on all calls, but they tend to look up a contact and call the number, the next contact may show they were called the previous day.


We thought about changing the layout of ACT so we have 1 contact for each company and then 5 fields in the contact for multiple employees at that company (then their email addresses).

However....It feels like we are going in the wrong direction if we do this because ACT already has a COMPANY TAB (that we don't use), but the company TAB feels very "clunky", for example it does not open company by default it opens contact, and unless we change EVERY customer we have to a COMPANY, our employees will not be inclined to use it.


Is there a better solution ? I would love some input from others.





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Re: Act Layout multiple contacts at companies.

A couple of things that might help


a) Have a seperate card for each contact not multiple contacts on a single card.


b) Allocate an account manager for each contact that way the guys know who should be calling that contact


c) I suggest using record histry for recording calls other than using notes and move the history TAB to the front of the list that way you should be able to see previous calls as soon as you bring up the record.

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Re: Act Layout multiple contacts at companies.

Good suggestion and here is one or two more.


Sounds like you need a ACT! Business Process Efficiency Expert to help you streamline your Unique Work-flow Processes?

Would be happy to take a look see at how you are doing things, no charge, then you can report back to this forum post of any solutions.


It may also help to add a couple of Date/Time fields to your contact layout called:  Last Contacted and Next Contact 

Simple fields like this can do a lot for you such as Generate your Daily Call List, etc..

Cheers - FSB

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