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Act! For Financial Professionals Age Calculation Field

Tuned Listener
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Act! For Financial Professionals Age Calculation Field

I have ACT! Premium FFP 12, Hotfix 3


I need to create a layout with personal information for both the 'contact' and the 'spouse' on the same tab. For some reason the Sage folks have them separated. Most of the fields can be moved by simply copying and pasting, but NOT the age calculation. Is there any way to either copy the spouse bday age field to another tab?  If not, is there a way to CREATE a new age calculation field in a tab of my choosing?  Then I could simply ignore the existing info in the 'family' tab. (Inelegant, but a compromise that would at least work.) 

I know there are add-ons that do age calculation and that I could buy one and create another age calculation field, but really, what is the point of purchasing a program that has the function and then having to spend more money simply to move the function to where I need it. I would like to save my software dollars for the many add-ons that give functionality that ACT! doesn't provide.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!