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Act Attachments...Suggestion or anyone have recommendations?

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Act Attachments...Suggestion or anyone have recommendations?

I am new to Act, and just started playing around with the document storage. I like being able to keep the attachments linked to the client record, however it seems ACT doesn't have much further organization of files.  I like how ACT does copy a document i 'upload' to its database/attachments/ folder... however that seems to be the extent of the folder/file structure ?


within ACT it would be really nice to be able to create some type of folder structure to keep things a little more organized.


On the backend, i think that each client should get their own folder (at the least). This way if you do have to go look through the actual files on the drive, it isn't in one massive folder amongst all clients. 


I just think having some more organization abilities would be nice instead of act dumping it into one folder on the HD.. and within ACT, being able to add folder structure.


Unless i am missing something?