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Act Add-Ins disabled for Word 2007 Solved

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Act Add-Ins disabled for Word 2007 Solved

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I am unable to record history in Word 2007.  I checked the Add-Ins for Word 2007 and found that Act Documents Add-In and Act Office 2007 administrator were both disabled.  I assume that I need to have them enabled for the history to work.  How do I enable the applications?


Thanks for your help with this.


With 50+ looks at this post and no replies I thought I would take another look at Word 2007. I found if you click MS symbol in the upper left hand side of the screen as if you were going to print something and then look at the bottom of the pop up you will see Word options. If you click on Add-Ins and then at the bottom of that Manage your Add-Ins. Click on the the drop down and at the bottom of the drop down you will see disabled items. If you click on that any Add-Ins that have been disabled will pop up. Click on the one you want and in this case Act Documents Tab this will add back into active the file the Act Documents Tab and Act Office 2007 administrator.  I now have the record history back working again.


I hope this help the next person. 

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Re: Act Add-Ins disabled for Word 2007 Solved

I'm glad to hear you were able to resolve the add-ins issue. 


Thank You for adding your resolution to the post!

Greg Martin