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Act 9.0 / Several Questions

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Act 9.0 / Several Questions

I'm a new user of Act 9.0. I've had several previous versions of ACT the last 12 years. The prior version I was using was Act 6.0 I believe. Several features are different, some of which are very useful, others seem to be a step BACKWARD from theconvenience of prior programs. My hope is that other ACT users can assist with a few basic questions. Please respond ASAP.


1- how do I reschedule multiple tasks on the Task list. Previously I was able to highlight and drag several contacts to a date on the mini-calendar. It enabled me to move dozens at one time. This version doesn't seem to allow it.


2- same goes for the alarms that come up; on older versions I could highlight several contacts and drag them to the mini-calendar to reschedule. Not sure how to do it here since it oly allows one at a time.


3- when I converted to Act 9.0 I accidentally checked the Roll Over feature which meant that all my scheduled calls got rolled over to one current date. After doing this i unchecked the feature but the calls didn't revert back to the old dates. Can this be undone?


4-on previous versions I could edit notes after entering them. I haven't figured out how to do that with 9.0. It seems that once notes are entered there's no changing them. Is there a way? Also, copying and pasting notes elsewhere seems to be a problem. Once the notes have been entered I can't right click and copy as i was able to do previously.


5- previouis versions of Act allowed notes typed in LAST RESULTS to be recorded in the Notes section. This enabled me to see all Notes in one section. Now, any notes entered in Last Results end up in the HISTORY section, separate from Notes. This makes things very convenient and more cumbersome. Is there a way to A) direct all notes entered in Last Results to go into the Notes section and B) is there a way to simply combine the NOTES and HISTORY sections so I can read everything in one place?


6- When copy and pasting notes or data into the Notes section, Act doesn't seem to record all of the information. I'm not sure why this is happening.


7- Regarding Mail Merges, I haven't been able to retrieve my Letter Templates which should have migrated over from my prior version of Act. How do I find those templates and how can I get them into the correct file path location so I can perform a mail merge?


8- When I click an email address and send an email it's not recording a record of that in Notes. I think it's only in the History section. Can I direct that to the Notes section?


I hope to hear from the Forum users soon -- it would be a great help.


Thank you for your assistance.





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Re: Act 9.0 / Several Questions



  1. Unfortunately, this is not longer a feature in ACT!.  In the calendar view,  you can reschedule an activity by drag n drop, but its one at a time.

    This is possible through thirt party addon products.  One addon that I've seen ACT! Community users use is Task List Plus -

    Please submit a feature request to be considered in a future version -

  2. Same as question 1, but not sure if Task List Plus has this feature.
  3. No, this cannot be undone without restoring a backup or reconverting the database.
  4. To edit notes, you have to double click the note entry you want to edit.
  5. Yes, the Last Results changes go to the history tab.  You cannot combine the Notes/History tab.
  6. When you paste into the notes section do you see all the information there?  Is it only when saving the note that you cannot see all the data?  In ACT! 2007, there is a preview pane (gray box to the right) that will allow you to see the full note/history.
  7. Which Word processor were you using in the previous version?  in ACT! 2007, are you using the same word process preference?  You can change default word processors by going to Tools > Preferences > Communication

  8. You're right, it goes to the history tab.  No, you cannot change this preference.