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Act 9.0 (2007 version) bought on ebay.

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Act 9.0 (2007 version) bought on ebay.

I recently bought (on ebay) a version of Act 9.0. It was an OEM version as I find out later.   However, I have loaded it, but now I cannot get it to work.   I am wondering if there is a problem with the software,  if it a problem with the installation,( I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it) or if I don't have some of my settings correct. 

  The OS is Vista Home version and I have my computer set up so that I have proper authority to install and operate, and my firewalls are turned off. 

I have installed the program under a folder called Act for Windows and when I open that folder there are three files under it.  1.  read me,( which contains nothing)   2.  Uninstall.   and 3.  Users Guide.  I can open the users guide, but there is no exe file to open a program.  I have a windows SQL5 loaded also.   I am thinking am missing the program that actually  is the Act program, but that doesn't seem logical.

I Have been advised to contact Sage and have them take me through the configuration of the SQL5.  I have sent an email to Sage, but my experience with them is that it will never be answered.   Can anyone give me some advice on how where to find the solution to this problem.   Thanks 

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Re: Act 9.0 (2007 version) bought on ebay.

Most software that is sold as an OEM version on places like eBay are bootleg copies of the program. Some of them will install and work, some will install and give you a bonus virus and some will not install a working copy. I am willing to do many things and take some chances but I would not buy a so called OEM version of a program and install it on a system that I own. As a general rule, even actual OEM software included with another program or hardware that you purchase, has limited or no support from the software manufacturer and you would need to contact the seller for support. As they say caveat emptor.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Act 9.0 (2007 version) bought on ebay.

I thought, legally, that OEM software must be sold with the hardware it was originally sold with... otherwise it's no-longer licensed.


Also, for real Vista support, you really should be using ACT! 2008 (10.0).


That being said, to get ACT! 9.0 running on Vista, you need a patch as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -