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Act!6 emails lost to Act!2007/8 ???

Tuned Listener
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Act!6 emails lost to Act!2007/8 ???


I followed the instructions on converting databases from Act!6

to Act!2007 and all the emails are now appearing as attachments

in the history tab of my contacts.

Problem is that those attachments can't be seen aynwhere.

They don't open the email application either just like they did

in Act!6.


What are my options to still access them?

If I can't double-click them and see their content, then I just

simply lost years of history.


Thanks for any help


Volcanoes at
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Re: Act!6 emails lost to Act!2007/8 ???



When upgrading to ACT! 2005 or above, it converts your previous emails and stores them in an email database.  Either the emails didn't convert or they did convert and not linked correctly in the newer version.


First, open actdiag and check the size of actemailmessagestore.

Start -> Run -> actdiag -> Database -> Database List.


If the size is greater than 15, then the emails did convert and not linked properly.  You'll need to call into support to get the emails linked.


If the size is exactly 15.00, then the emails didn't convert and you'll need to follow the knowledge base article below.

Internet Mail Messages Did Not Convert When Installing ACT!