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Act 6.0 upgraded to Act10.. how do I sync

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Act 6.0 upgraded to Act10.. how do I sync

hi all,


We have Act6.0 @ our office and installed on our sales staffs laptop. The DB resides on a network shared folder.  I would simply run a sync and send the sync file to the sales guys.... really simple and efficient.


We upgraded to Act10 and first thing I notice is that the DB HAS to be on a local drive.. called ACT support and they said to copy the pad file to the network shared and that's it.. tried it and it that seem to have done the trick.. the local user don't know where the DB resides.


However, how the hell do I create the sync filenow. .  I liked the 6.0 version and how it created the sync file to a specific folder.. so easy.


thx for any inputs.





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Re: Act 6.0 upgraded to Act10.. how do I sync

I have a related question to yours, I just moved from 6 to 11 and it seems that syncing is no longer done by e-mail.  If I read the FAQ correctly, the two computers sync via a network connection.  My question is:  does this mean that both machines have to be on and active when the sync is sent?  This would mean I'd have to leave the home machine on all the time.  What about syncs sent from home to work?  If someone else is logged on to my computer in another user account, what happens? 
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Re: Act 6.0 upgraded to Act10.. how do I sync

To create sync with the standard product, read this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


Hamachi is an easy way to create a VPN to enable the connection -


Yes, the publisher needs tohave ACT! open and logged in to sync unless you have the Premium version. While the old email or shared folder sync could be simple, the new sync is much more reliable