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Act 6.0 Conversion fails due to errors

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Act 6.0 Conversion fails due to errors

Hi Act Community,


I am upgrading from Act 6 to Act 2010 for my employer, but we are running into issues while converting the old database.

Everything is fine until Notes and History, then it ends because of a "String or binary too long. Statement would be truncated" or an errorr saying that a certain attachment file name is too long.


My employer says that he has created a few attachments over the years with extremely long names, and they are very difficult to track down in his database.


Is there any way that we could perhaps skip the problem attachments and finish the conversion? or perhaps have Act shorten the filename so that it can be attached?


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've tried repairing and converting this database 5 times now and it always fails.


Thank you so much!


V. Pham

DavidTravel Tech Support

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Re: Act 6.0 Conversion fails due to errors

You will need to resolve the database problem before you can complete the conversion. There is a small utility called the Attachment Migration Wizard that could be used to change the attachment location and that might clear the problem. Check for it at Failing that you would need to send the database tp a repair facility.

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