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Act 22 Problems still not fixed

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Re: Act 22 Problems still not fixed

Act! Support is aware of the SLOW opening when you start Act! - and is working on some ideas to speed the process up. The problem is it loads a ton into the wagon before the program becomes active. The idea is to open the minimum and make the program active, then load the other components in the background after the fact.


Bud Rice
Pleasanton, CA
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no preview pane in ACT 22 even when box is checked

Sorry to post this here, seemed like a good thread for it. 


Using MS EDGE, no preview pane at all, even with the box checked.  Act! (Web) Version:, Update 1 

I have few columns checked so plenty of room.  

Google chrome- preview pane shows up, but all sorts of other issues - drop down boxes don't work, can use delete for some notes/history/etc but not others. 

Firefox:  unsupported browser message.  Preview pane works here too. 

Explorer:  no longer supported and has numerous problems just staying open in ACT. 


I've tried to find / fix all compatibility settings in Edge, but if you can suggest what to try that would be great.

ACT does close and restart numerous times throughout the day.  

I have had the ACT guys change my settings to not log me out, but that seems to get dropped after a while, or the closing and restarts are for a

Thanks, Ralph

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Re: Act 22 Problems still not fixed

This comment was posted a month ago. Does anybody have a status update?


I need to upgrade Act! Pro Version, Update 9 and it's working great. I can't afford a lot issues after conversion.


I received this email message on 03-11-2020:


Important Notice for Act! Pro Users


Valued Act! Customer,


As you may have heard, Act! Pro v22 is the last version of Act! Pro that will ever be released. We have loved developing new versions of Act! Pro over the years, but the time has come for us to focus our efforts on providing world-class subscription-based software.


Because you have been a loyal customer, we’re extending a limited-time offer for you to subscribe to Act! for just $20/user/month—a savings of 60% off the current list price1.


Your subscription includes access to technical support, all updates and upgrades, and subscriber-only features and services.


If subscription isn't right for you, you are also eligible to purchase Act! Pro v22 for just $249.99—a $100 savings off the current list price.2


To take advantage of these exclusive offers and learn more about how an Act! membership can benefit your business, call us at 855-308-5544 or contact your Act! Certified Consultant3.


The Act! Team


It is worth the savings to upgrade now? I'll probably just use the desktop, non-subscription version because I'm pretty confused aobut what the change to the subscription version will look like and whether it will will work me.  So as I see it, it will cost me $100 to wait until update 5 or later. Does that sound right? That's a price I'm willing to pay to avoid the frustration I'm seeing from early adopters.


If I'm thinking wrong please let me know. I value your input.

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Re: Act 22 Problems still not fixed

I was advised by an ACT expert that buying the stand alone, non-subscription version would save me many headaches. I'm still using a stand alone version that is about 10 years old on another PC I have, and it works flawlessly. The subscription, web based version has had a slew of issues, none of which ever seem to get addressed.
My business isn't well suited to using many of the marketing features, so I can't speak to those.