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Act 21.1 Freezes at 5 minute mark

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Act 21.1 Freezes at 5 minute mark

Act 21.1 running on MS Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

Connected to by two shared load balanced Virtual windows machines.  ( Windows server 2008 R2 )


After latest update Act stops responding and can only be closed starting at 5 minute mark for all users.


A look at the processes shows that ACT is sending data to some server in AmazonAWS at the 5 minute mark.

This was of course blocked by the firewall because nowhere in the documentation and nowhere on the website does it say that ACT needs to send data to some random server.  

When it is blocked, ACT then creates a thread, exits the thread and does that over and over until death.  No error message.  Nothing helpful in Event log other than ACT has crashed. 


Support doesn't know what is being sent.  Multiple emails have been ignored so I assume they don't care.

Did one of ACT's programmers add a bit of code to collect databases to sell?   

Is ACT collecting databases to sell?  

What is being sent?  




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Re: Act 21.1 Freezes at 5 minute mark


Technical Support says that one of my clients either paired the database with Alexa (LOL) or they are sending emails to Amazon support.


But how did the clients connect to a server that they didn't know existed, that has no email client on it, and they have no rights to login to magically send emails from that server?  A server that had only the sample database attached to it.

That's like some Matrix level stuff right there...




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Re: Act 21.1 Freezes at 5 minute mark

The fact is that the NEW ACT 21.1 connects to an Amazonaws server and sends it information over TCP.   Since ACT has no knowledge of what their own program does, I am going to assume from here on out that some rogue element inside Swiftpage ACT is collecting all of our databases to sell them on the darkweb.  


Support tickets ignored.

Support calls met with limited attempts to baffle with blank.  Zero brilliance.


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Re: Act 21.1 Freezes at 5 minute mark

Hi Z-tech,


Do not to be alarmed at what you are seeing in relation to AmazonAWS. This is not new for Act! v21.1. Act! has a number features that are based on or are leveraging AWS technology.


  • Act! Connect Link - enables secure API access for Act! desktop
  • Act! Licensing Server - activates and checks serial numbers for an active subscription
  • Act! Marketing Automation - is hosted on AWS
  • Act! Automatic Updates - checks periodically for Act! product updates based on the settings in Tools > Preferences > Notifications
  • Ask Act! - is an Amazon integration


In addition, Act! hosted on Swiftpage Cloud also has a learning feature that leverages AWS.


I will PM you in regards to the issue you are experiencing where Act! stops responding to help get to the bottom of that.





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Re: Act 21.1 Freezes at 5 minute mark

Thank you!

Tools - Preferences Auto-update unchecked.

Nobody on the Swiftpage Help desk had any information on what it does.

Nor anywhere on website does it show that communication ports/traffic needs to be allowed to AWS.  

By default we have everything closed.  Everything.  

It is probably    "Act! Marketing Automation - is hosted on AWS"  but that should be documented.


Also, if the communication fails, and I have opened/allowed this communication due to client needing to work, the program response should not be to go into a circular open thread exit thread routine until program freezes.


Thank you for looking out!