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Act 2013 Unable to send emails

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Re: Act 2013 Unable to send emails

Yup... dragging this gawd awfull thread back up after four months. The Bill Gatus of Borg guy is back. I now see V16 is out. If I had the time and money I have spent on CRM packages over the last 25 years, to include ACT since V2, I could retire. Trully a love/hate relationship, only worse than any marriage. I can't believe I'm considering giving Swiftpage the upgrade fee. I HATE Outlook that much.


Having spent the better part of three hours going through the forum posts to see what kind of issues V16 was having, I'm seeing that most everyone seems to be able to function with Windows 8 (NOT 8.1), Office 2013 to include Outlook emails and Word seems to be a mixed bag.


I am confused on the Word issues. I believe I have read that V16 is going to convert and docx file to doc and pretty much use Word 2003? Is this correct.


I'll fire up the trial version, go find my 6 month old Act2013 date file and give it a go.


Any regrets from users who have upgraded from ACT2013 to V16. Any issues still unresolved. Can I send email merges with the new versions? Any thoughts appreicated!!