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Act 2013 Unable to send emails

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Re: Act 2013 Unable to send emails

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I agree. Unfortunately, I do not know what the new owners of ACT! (Swiftpage) have in store regarding compatibility with the CTR versions. I suggest staying tuned to this forum for updates and announcements.

By the way, it doesn't appear supports Office 2013:

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Act 2013 Unable to send emails


Are you saying that you are not in touch with the ACT! tech support team? I was under the impression that this was

a forum within the corporate website of Sage/ACT!, and that you were an official employee and tech support person.


Are you actually saying that 


A. there is no further info on this issue

B. there is no fix forthcoming

C. you are not even an offical Sage tech support employee


D. that ACT! is now owned by a different company (which presumably has a different website)




Is that what is being said now? If so, where can we contact the team that now owns/sells/supports ACT! 2013?

I bought my copy/license from this website last week. I'm assuming there is valid tech support... I decided not

to call and to just post in the forum simply because some other high priority issues came up and I thought I'd

try my luck with the support forum. Are you saying that you're not offering support for ACT! 2013 anymore? 


In my experience, if a support issue is serious (and I'd classify this as a major "A" bug) and tech support can't

solve it, the issue is generally elevated to the technical director and then to the software engineering team. 

I actually don't imagine that this is a very difficult bug to fix, to be perfectly honest. Surely you're not telling me

that there is just no more connection to the engineering team or to deeper levels of tech support...? Right? 


Are you able to report this bug to the ACT! engineering team?


ok thanks








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Re: Act 2013 Unable to send emails

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I'm a week into a trial of Act, I've used it for many years but was glad to dump it when 2011  came out, problem after problem, I just didn't have the time for it and gave up on it.   (IMO Act! has not really been a robust product sing Act 6)


Not working with the CTR vesrions of office is a game breaker for me. .  No Sync, No history generated when you write letters, no emailing anyone ( but yourself *strange*) from within Act!  I'm sure they will support Office 365 one day, they'll have to, it will be so popular, I do hope it's soon, 21 days left :-)



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Re: Act 2013 Unable to send emails

Greig - salesforce was not properly working with Outlook 2013 at first but they corrected their problem.  See the following link and watch the video -


...does Greg Martin have any light to shed on this situation?  He was telling me that I could get these two products to sync if I had a full install version of MS Office 2013 but from what I have found's no longer possible to get a full install version of MS Office Pro.  CTR is here to stay!  Is this the death of Sage ACT?

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Re: Act 2013 Unable to send emails

To help clarify: The installation files for Sage ACT! 2013 w/Service Pack 1 included, have been updated to allow ACT! to integrate with a full installation of Office 2013.  No version of ACT! (with or without SP1) will integrate with the Click-to-Run version.




Greg Martin
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Re: Act 2013 Unable to send emails



I have been informed by Dell & MS that a full installation copy of MS Office 2013 Pro is not available.  CTR is the new standard and its here to stay.  


I don't understand how salesforce can get their program to sync with CTR but ACT cannot.   Can you tell me if this is something that y'all intend on correcting or do you intend on doing nothing? 

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Re: Act 2013 Unable to send emails

Ok, here is the quick rundown:


If you buy a Microsoft Office Small Business Premium or better business subscription, then on your Microsoft member login page

there is a tab called "downloads." Click here and they will install the full version of MS Office onto your computer 

(up to five machines for an Office Premium license). 


If you look at this link:


you will see that in the top row called "Office Applications" under "Office 365 Small Business Premium" 

that there are 8 colored icons. These are the actual apps that you can install locally. You'll see that the

other lesser licensing options do not offer the locally installed apps. So, for $12.50 a month you can get

all the MS apps locally PLUS all the cloud stuff and mobile functionality for up to five users. 


HOWEVER, the actual problem, which I am increasingly astonished is not even attempted to be answered

by the moderators in this forum, is that EVEN WITH the full local install of MS Office (not CTR) and EVEN WITH

the very latest installation of ACT!, ACT! will not run correctly with Microsoft Outlook 2013.


It is able to sync up to some degree (with one error message) to Outlook, so your contacts show up inside

of Outlook 2013 and you can mail to them one at a time from Outlook.


HOWEVER, if you try to send or compose an email directly from ACT! 2013 once it's been configured with

Outlook, you get some version of the  "_MAPI_" or "_IMessage_" error messages, and 



Question: Has this bug been reported to engineering team? From all the emails  in this thread this appears

to be a somewhat serious issue. AND it is occurring in a public forum with a PR1 Google page ranking

for your product. HELLO are you there?
















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Re: Act 2013 Unable to send emails

I do apologize if I am being snarky at this point. And I am assuming that you can delete this thread from your support

forum once this issue is addressed.


But because of ACT!'s role in our business and the fact that we have just upgraded everything based on the assumption

that ACT! and Outlook have always worked great in the past, this has become a mission critical issue for us. 


If you would please elevate this bug as reported, or post a solution, or email me regarding this issue, I'd be highly

appreciative. Thanks. 

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Re: Act 2013 Unable to send emails

I am successfully using a full install of Office 2013 and Act! 2013 SP1. 


In general, the click to run (and Office 365) do not offer the same connections that we have successively built new features on top of. We are looking into new models of integration that they do support, like javascript apps. This will likely be delivered in small chunks like email history, then calendar sync, then contact sync. It is not likely to be soon or even available to Act! 2013 customers. At this stage development is in early planning stages, without a timeframe for delivery. 


It's a hard truth, but we did not market Act! to support all flavors of Office. Even today we do not claim support for Office 2013. I understand the value of CTR and Office 365 and how prevelent they are becoming. It has to be a focus for us in the future, but I don't see that solution happening in the next 3 months.  


I would ask any/all of you to please continue to work with our support team. We need to understand better what is causing the differences in functionality. I am confident that there is a configuration/order of install/right product solution because it is working for me. 


I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and I appreciate you taking the time to provide us feedback. 


Benjamin Lederer

Product Manager for Act!

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Re: Act 2013 Unable to send emails

RedwoodAesthetic - the sad thing is it use to work like a dream. I've appreciated your posts and I've sent an email to the president of sage and his Executive Assistant in hopes of getting someone to work on this. I remain hopeful for a solution.