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Act 2013, New Feature/Suggestion ACT/Outlook Categories

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Act 2013, New Feature/Suggestion ACT/Outlook Categories

Hi Act Community, As i start using ACT and Outlook I had a suggestion, or if someone has come across this and has a workaround let me know.  I use Outlook for my scheduling in the past, but now i find it better to work within ACT and let it sync to outlook. or within outlook create the ACT activity which brings up the activity box.  My question or frustration is with Outlook Categories. I use them to color code in Outlook different types of 'categories' hence the name.  However in ACT their is no outlook categorization link. There is a 'color' but that only is indicated in ACT.  Since ACT/Outlook are so integrated it would be nice if this could be mapped somehow so if i create in ACT i can at that time associate the category i want outlook to associate it.


It isn't that big of a deal, but just something that others may also be looking for? anyone have any thoughts on this?



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Re: Act 2013, New Feature/Suggestion ACT/Outlook Categories

it is possible to color code the contacts but the built in outlook sync does not utilsie it, i use 123 Sync and have used CompanionLink before they sync and you can set the color code for categories

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