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Act 2012 with Google Integration

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Act 2012 with Google Integration

Hey all-

first time posting on the forum. Have a quick question. Been using Act 2012 and when it integrates my calendar with Google account, it emails the person in the event. I use only one way sync, change from Act go to Google, but I do not let Google changes go into Act. Keeping it simple as much as possible.

I do NOT want this to happen. Now, I have NOT checked off the invitation box in Act, but it appears Google is doing this automatically, but I am not sure. 

Anyone have any idea how to prevent this from happening. I am not sure this is Google or Act. 


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Re: Act 2012 with Google Integration

Hello Jfgarnant,
Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!

Unfortunately, this is a Google behavior. When an activity is scheduled on the Google calendar that contains a matching email address within its contact list, it will send an invitation. We are not aware of any settings within Google to disable this function.
Greg Martin