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Act!2011 => Act!v16 Upgrade

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Act!2011 => Act!v16 Upgrade

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At the moment we are using Act! 2011. We would need another licence for Act, but since it is not possible to buy another 2011-Licence we are thinking about upgrading to Act v16.


I tried the Demo, but it says that we have to update the database first. I am afraid to destroy something, so I was not bold enough to do that. I also tried to use the Demo with a backup-version of the Database (the zip-file you geht after saving the Database) on a different Laptop where no Act was installed previously, but the only thing I got out of this was a very very long list of Failures (dont know if it was just a broken backup?).


So my question is, if anybody of you has experience with updating from old versions like 2011 to v16. My main question is, if the layouts are still available after updating to v16 or if I have to adjust everything from the very beginning.


I would be thankful for input!

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Re: Act!2011 => Act!v16 Upgrade

Your ACT! 2011 Layouts should work with ACT! v16.

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Re: Act!2011 => Act!v16 Upgrade

When you tried to update from the zip file, did you select "Restore as" and give it a new name? 


The process should say that the db has to be updated.  Depending on how large it is, you may have to wait a while, but it should update.


I that some of the very old ACT versions have to be upgraded to intermediary version before it goes to the current version.  Maybe one of the Certtified Consultants and let us know if that is the case in going from 2011 to 2015.


Hope this helps.

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