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Act! 2010 database no longer has multi-user access

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Act! 2010 database no longer has multi-user access


We have a small office with 4 registered copies of ACT 2010 running on a network. A new server was installed and we decided to move the database from its home on one of the workstations to the server. I followed the instructions to move the database as a .zip file. I installed one of the copies of ACT on the server, but haven't registered it. The server will only hold the database. Upon successfully moving the database, I logged on as a user at one of the othe rworkstations, when I was prompted to first log in as an administrative user. I did so, then logged out, and back in with the normal user for that workstation. Now it tells me I don't have enough licenses.


Checking back at the server under Tools> Manage Users, it tells me there is only 1 user access. Where are the other 3? The users are still all listed, but all 4 should have access.


Not sure what to do, Everything still works if I point back to the workstation as before.