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Act 2010/Outlook 2007 email intermittent

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Act 2010/Outlook 2007 email intermittent

I'm running Win7/64 on my laptop with Act!2010/V12 and Outlook 2007 as my email client.  My problem is that frequently, when I try to send an email from Act, it does not open an email body window in Outlook.  This is so frequent and unpredicable that I am extremely frustrated.  I've tried opening Act, then Outlook and Outlook then Act - no difference.  I run a second monitor on my laptop, once I couldn't get the email window to open, frustrated, I disconnected the monitor, went into another room in the house to 'think' better, and it worked!  I had done nothing but disconnect the external monitor.  So I shut everything down, rebooted with out the external monitor, openned Act and tried to open an email window -- nothing.

Can someone give me a hint here?  I'm not a noobie, I used Act from 1990 through 2001, then went to a company that was Exchange Server based and they only wanted Outlook.  But now I'm back and REAL frustrated.

Another question - when I boot, I get a UAC window, and when I open Act I get it again.  Is this normal?  When I tried the trial version, I don't remember seeing them.  Now that I paid, I get them.  Oh, and the trial version NEVER had problems with email.

Any help would be appreciated....Bob