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Act 2010 Non recoverable error when opening data base.

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Act 2010 Non recoverable error when opening data base.

A Act Tech went on my desktop remotely - as the area where create a new database could not be seen well.  Only part of it. Other adjust ments were made - and we were able to create two remote data bases - (dealers) (end users) and I moved them to my laptop.


I was advised to delete Act 2010 from my laptop - and was given a link to download it again.


On the laptop - Act opened and of course my heart leaped - haha - however again Act opened saying I had 26 days left on my trail - I have owned the sotware for two years.


I clicked continue trial and a white page comes up with the error - "non-recoverable error when opening data base".


I was able to unpack the two data bases so the pad files are on the laptop desktop. Thus I have two issues - both on the laptop.


1. Act 2010 should not open each time telling me I need to register? If I do - what numbers do I use - same ones from my desktop?


2. I am unable to open the remote data bases that I know were created correctly.


* - all I am trying to do here is continue to do what I have done for two years - sync my data base at the end of the week so I can work at home - or have a back up should something happen.


Does anyone know what the problem could be? I feel my desktop is 100% on - and Act 2010 is on my laptop - but the log jam is only being able to open the unpacked pad data base so I may sync  - am I correct?


Thanks so much -


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Re: Act 2010 Non recoverable error when opening data base.

First you'll want to register the laptop installation. Yes, you will use the same serial number/license used on the desktop.

After registering, attempt to open the remote. If not successful, can you open the demo database or create/open a new database on the laptop?
Greg Martin
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Re: Act 2010 Non recoverable error when opening data base.

I must be so close. It just has to be close -


I used the same registration numbers and it went throgh. So done - no more trial messages. Yea -


But if you click on opening Act - it starts to load - then the dreaded white page with the error (A non recoverable error occured during a data base look up.


So I went to the two remove datat bases that were created Friday after the tech looked on the desk top. If you right click the report and say (open) it looks like it is going to work - saying nothing has changed since the data base was created Friday. Now I understand it can't know some cleints have changed becuase they are not linked but when you click open with Act - you get the dreaded white page again with the same message.   Ohhhhhh ugggggggggg.


We are close - any ideas?