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Act! 2010 - ActLink - and Windows 7

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Act! 2010 - ActLink - and Windows 7

Act! 2010 is supposed to be compatible with Win 7, but, as I've come to notice, at least the ActLink for Palm OS isn't.  When you try to do the install, it just fails and gives an error message blaming Palm for not being compatible with "64 bit versions of Windows or Windows Server".


My wife continues to use an old Palm Visor that was HotSync'd to Act 2000 (believe it or not).  We finally upgraded her six year old computer to a new Windows 7 machine.  Her Act 2000 wouldn't even install so we bought the new, shiny, Act! 2010 version.  But, then the problem getting the sync software loaded.


So, here are my questions:

  • Are there third parties out there that can get the old Visor to sync with the new Act under Win 7?
  • If not, can is there a way for Act to automatically sync with Outlook, and then, is there an sync product for that?  (I think PocketMirror from Chapura) works here.


She prefers the depth of record keeping in Act so doesn't want to move to Outlook because of limited functionality.


Anyone have any thoughts?  Thanks in advance.



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Re: Act! 2010 - ActLink - and Windows 7

Check with companion link
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Re: Act! 2010 - ActLink - and Windows 7

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Re: Act! 2010 - ActLink - and Windows 7

Palm OS does not work via USB on 64-bit versions of Windows 7. This is because there are no 64-bit USB drivers for Palm OS. It should still work with 32-bit versions of Windows 7.  CompanionLink supports two-way sync here.

If you have 64-bit Windows 7 and want to use your Palm OS phone, you can use Bluetooth to HotSync. CompanionLink is compatible with this setup.

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Re: Act! 2010 - ActLink - and Windows 7

Thanks!  That is encouraging.

I'm still having a challenge though.  Everytime I try to synch, CompanionLink asks me to press the button on my cable and Windows 7 doesn't recognize the USB cable and therefore the connection isn't made and pressing the button doesn't allow the synch to happen.


Is there a way to launch the hotsynch without pressing the button?