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Act 2009 bugs

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Act 2009 bugs

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Here is a list of bugs I've encountered in Act 2009; I'm hoping an Act staff person can tell me of solutions to these or add this to the to-be-fixed list for next version of Act:

5/5/2009  Anytime I copy and paste text into notes, I have to change font size to the size I use in notes; It would be helpful if I didn't have to, especially for incoming emails

4/22/2009  The button to insert an Act Note is erratic
Occassionally it works the first time, but usually on the first click nothing happens, so I
click it again and hold the mouse down longer, then it works; the other buttons work
correctly right away

4/22/2009 11:31 AM In Reschedule, the drop-down calendar no longer lets you use the arrow keys on
keyboard to get to future dates (as it did in Act 2005)


4/22/2009 10:36 AM Using built-in Act email client: New email message appears BEHIND main window!
Workaround: double-click 'New message' in status bar

4/15/2009 2:06 PM Act 11 can be incredibly slow -
especially if several programs are open and the Preview pane is enabled
Workaround: keep preview pane disabled

Also: when preview pane is open and you make a click from one note to another, everything on screen flashes for several seconds

4/9/2009 9:13 AM When I sent an email to several people it puts each name in twice,
Solution: maximize the window - but this is slow-performing

4/8/2009 12:24 PM With Julie, even a new email can be corrupt, although the first one I sent her today was
Here's the 2nd email I sent, that WASN'T a reply:
Nope, still japanse. I switched to a new email system this week.
Wonder if that is affecting it?

4/8/2009 4:32 AM Using built-in Act email client: Emails are not automatically attached to history, except replies -
Even though I set it that way in Prefs > Act email editor

4/2/2009 11:38 AM 4/2/2009 - When entering a note, I usually move the cursor up and out of the way, but
this makes the alt tage for print preview block my cursor

4/2/2009 11:37 AM 4/2/2009 - In Reschedule dialog box (from Alarms), you can't do the down arrow key to
reveal the calendar like you could in Act 2005

4/2/2009 11:36 AM 4/2/2009 - When entering a note, there is no keyboard shortcut for BOLD, you must
click the icon



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Re: Act 2009 bugs

Thank you for bringing these to our attention.  I will review the issues that you've reported and will follow-up once completed.




Posts: 4,395
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Re: Act 2009 bugs

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It looks like you're on 11.0.  Please apply the 11.1 update to resolve some of your issues.  Also some of the issues you've reported seem to be database or environmental issues.  Try doing issues 2, 5, and 9 within the demo database.


How to Download and Apply the ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.1) Service Pack

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