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Act 2009 Syncing between desktop & notebook

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Act 2009 Syncing between desktop & notebook

I was able to setup up sync.  I work on my desktop & want to sync my notebook as backup & when I travel & visa versa. My question is what if anything do I have to do before I click sync. For example: If my notebook has all of the old todo's, calls etc, my desktop has my latest update. When I launch Act in my notebook it asks what to do with my past due events. Should I click delete? Ignore ?  Do I sync from the machine I most recently used or do I always since from the notebook or desktop? My concern is the syc process will undo my most recent activities, somehow this happened once and I lost a weeks data, I'm not sure what I did then and I'm not sure what is the correct sequence of proceedures to do the sync. process.

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Re: Act 2009 Syncing between desktop & notebook

When using sync, it's always best to turn off the auto roll-over of uncleared activities.


You always sync from the subscriber (usually the notebook)