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Act 2009 Sync Vista Problem

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Act 2009 Sync Vista Problem

I am having trouble syncing with Vista.  Even though I do an "overwrite" sync, the program does not erase the previous list of contacts, but adds the contacts from my database, thereby effective creating a duplicate for every contact.


I asked support how the existing contacts could be erased manually on the grounds that this would be the same as a trouble-free sync.  They said I'd have to do a hard reset.  Thanks but no thanks.  


I have contacted support about this problem.  They said that they are aware of this problem.  In response to my suggestion that they post a Knowledge Base item about this rather severe problem, they said that, instead, I should post it here.  


They also told me they would get back to me today (Friday) with a resolution of the problem.  But they didn't keep their promise.



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Re: Act 2009 Sync Vista Problem

I have corresponded by chat with Act support regarding this matter.  Here is a copy of that chat.


Kim Simmons: Hi, my name is Kim Simmons with Sage Software.  I'll be glad to assist you today.
3722127 Roger: Good morning
Kim Simmons: Good Morning Roger. How can I help you
3722127 Roger: I am following up on Friday's chat.  Basically, when I try to sync with my Pocket PC Mobile, even though I select the overwrite option, the contact list is added to the existing contacts, which are not erased, resulting in my having two copies of each contact (or three if I were to try again).  On Friday, I was told that this was a known problem and somebody would get back to me by email that day---but it never happened.  Do you have the solution of this problem for me?  (I am running Act 2009 on Vista.  Previously, I ran Act 2008 on XP, with no problems of this nature, using the same equipment.)
3722127 Roger: I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the Act for Mobile program and the new Microsoft sync program (the Vista version of ActiveSync, whose name I can't recall for the moment).  It didn't help.
Kim Simmons: ok Roger one moment
Kim Simmons: Roger are you also syncing with outlook?
3722127 Roger: No
3722127 Roger: Hello?
3722127 Roger: Is anybody there?
Kim Simmons: Roger I am still here, I am trying to test
Kim Simmons: this
3722127 Roger: OK.  Thanks.
Kim Simmons: Roger we are going to have to create the environment to test this sync.
3722127 Roger: What does that mean from my perspective?
Kim Simmons: As offered before, I can email you once we have created and tested the environment.
3722127 Roger: Well, OK I guess (I don't see my options).  But I urge you to email me today on where this testing stands, even if it isn't completed.  It is extremely disagreeable and dishearening to be promised an email and then never receive it (as happened on Friday.)  I think as a loyal customer I deserve at least that level of courtesy.
Kim Simmons: As soon as i find out something i will let you  know
Kim Simmons: just like i offered friday, i did not get any updates
3722127 Roger: OK.  Thanks.  Again, if would be useful if you kept me up to date.  I'll post a copy of this chat to the post I made on Frday in the forum (as you suggested) so that your other customers can see the progress on this issue.
Kim Simmons: Thank you Roger, and I will email you as soon as I have an update.
3722127 Roger: OK, and I'll check in tomorrow.

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Re: Act 2009 Sync Vista Problem

I'll make sure that you'll receive a follow up email.





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Re: Act 2009 Sync Vista Problem

Thanks.  Kim has emailed me that they are unable to replicate the problem.  Accordingly, they are going to access my computer later today to see if they can discern the problem.  Seems reasonable to me.
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Re: Act 2009 Sync Vista Problem

I have the exact same problem. I gave up and now sync only with Outlook. Anxious to see if there is a solution.
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Re: Act 2009 Sync Vista Problem

[ Edited ]

Spent a really long time with the Act support staff.  They reported that the problem was unique to me (now disapproved by a posting here) and that they couldn't find any explanation (although, by looking at my computer, they could verify that it was truly happening).  Here is a followup message to Act:



I have further information to report.

You suggested that my phone might be to blame.  I have discovered that you are correct in that it is partially to blame.  It develops that, to preserve the battery, there  are two power reduction tools.  One turns off the backlight after a predesignated time (usually a couple of minutes) and the other, which I just discovered, puts the phone into a standby status after 30 minutes of inactivity.  In standby, the device can still respond to phone calls, but no more.  It develops that the phone does not view syncing as activity, so it will go into standby thereby terminating a sync of 30 minutes or more.  With my more than 2300 contacts, my initial syncs do last more than 30 minutes, thereby activing the automatic standby function, which in turn induced an abnormal termination of the sync, thereby creating the error messages we saw.

After doing a hard reset and disabling the standby function, I tried a sync.  Here is the good news.  With sufficient time, the Act program did sync perfectly.  I also did a regular sync, and that worked correctly also.

However, here's the bad news.  Using the same database, I again tried a sync whereby the host database overwrites the contacts on the handheld.  Here we had the same problem again.  Instead of overwriting the handheld database, it made copies of many, although by no means all, of  the contacts.  That's important because there are occasions in daily use when an overwrite sync is required.

I am absolutely, 100%, certain that the problem lies within your software.  Why am I so certain?  Here's why.  When I did the first, correct overwrite sync, the Sync Center said that I was syncing 2375 contacts, which is correct.  And, as it synced, the counter went from 1 of 2375 to 2375 of 2375.  When I did the second overwrite sync, the Sync center said that I was syncing about 4750 contacts, and the counter went from 1 of 4750 to 4750 of 4750.  I recall that you experienced the same issue when you were experimenting, as you mentioned to me at the time that your Sync Center was also reporting more contacts than were in the database.

In my last sync, not all contacts were duplicated.  I can't tell you how many, but I estimate roughtly maybe several hundred.  Therefore, while I am sure that you too were duplicating contacts, they may not have been readily visible to you.

I'd like, therefore, for you to do the following for me.  Using your database and a Windows Mobile 6.1 handset, try doing a hard reset, then do sync and then do a second overwrite sync.  You will see the same miscounting of contacts, and, if you look carefully enough, you will see the same duplication of some contacts.

I look forward to hearing the results of this little experiment.

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Re: Act 2009 Sync Vista Problem

Here is a further followup with Act to this problem.


Kim Simmons: Hi, my name is Kim Simmons with Sage Software.  I'll be glad to assist you today.
3722127 Roger: Hi Kim,
3722127 Roger: I am just checking to see if you got my email with additional information.
Kim Simmons: Hi roger, I received your email and have passed it on for further testing
3722127 Roger: Great.  Can I assume that, in due course, I'll get some sort of response?
Kim Simmons: thats correct.
3722127 Roger: Have a nice day...and thanks for all your help yesterday.
Kim Simmons: also since you stated that others in the community have this issue, there should be a response there also
Kim Simmons: no problem and thank you again for your patience
3722127 Roger: I am not aware of any response to them, yet.  The affirming comment was in response to my post, so, if your folks want to see for themselves, they would have to look at the followups to my post.
Kim Simmons: ok
3722127 Roger: Bye

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Re: Act 2009 Sync Vista Problem


I'm in IT and have a HTC Touch with Vista setup using ACT! 2009 and I also have had many different issues with synchronisation of ACT! 2008 and 2009 with my handset via Vista, every time I speak to their support they assure me that they have not had this issue with anyone else!! Though there are thousands of articles online with regards to this well known issue, we upgraded to the 2009 version as we were told that all the Pocket PC sync issues via Vista have now been updated and resolved however non of it was true, I have tried absolutely everything I have been told in different environment setups and even on a brand new laptop with 100% fresh setup however still having issues.

The only method I have not tried and cannot is to disable the UAC (User Access Control) in vista which I have read that is most likely to resolve the issue however there was no mention of turning off the UAC before the purchase.

I’m very disappointed and in Sage ACT! Support team as they have failed to resolve this issue and continuously promised me that it would be looked into and I would be contacted back however this has not been the case at all.

I have tried another software which is called CompanionLink however that also failed to do the job on all our systems and different setups with the HTC Touch handset via Vista, the only method that worked so far which cause extra new issues (Major ones) was to synchronise via Outlook which duplicated entries and totally messed up the whole setup however thankfully I had two backups made earlier so was able to go back.

I have been keeping a log of the time spent on this issue since 1.5 Year ago and is approximately 62Hrs!! I rely on this feature though is not working and having to export and import into Outlook at the moment to synchronise however I will not give up.

If anyone out there has any solution to resolve this without disabling the UAC please do share your notes as there are many people looking for a 100% tested method.

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Re: Act 2009 Sync Vista Problem

I never had UAC enabled and I experienced the trouble, so disabling it may not remedy your problems.  As yet, my problems are not resolved.  I, like you, don't have endless hours to spend addressing this issue and, as yet, as you can see from the transcripts, Sage appears to believe in its heart there are no problems
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Re: Act 2009 Sync Vista Problem

Thank you for posting regarding your problem and the progress; saves the rest of us much time and effort.  Best to have ONE interacting with ACT support to resolve the issue.


And FWIW, I have been an ACT user since Version 1 for DOS believe it or not, but am behind with my upgrades.  Am trying to use Outlook for my contact management and it is just about useless.  Maybe it's just me.  ACT! has ALWAYS been a steep learning and "getting it to work right" curve but in the end it is always ALWAYS worth the effort.


I am presently sitting here deciding what to upgrade to.... and away we go.  I am going to have to update my phone as well to a Windows based platform (and am using MS VISTA, yecchhhh.)


Please follow your issue(s) through to fruition.  There are many following your adventure in order to get a resolution to THEIR issue.


Thanks again.