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Act! 2009, Office 2007, and Quoting

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Act! 2009, Office 2007, and Quoting

Dear Act! community,


One of my clients has problems with the fact that Act!'s quoting macros seem to direct Office to save in the previous Office formats, while Office seems to choose to name the Excel temp file that gets embedded in the quote with the newer .xslx extension. Excel 2007 chokes on the fact that, while it's named .xlsx, it is not 2007 format, and the macro stops at that point, never embedding the spreadsheet.


I've only stumbled across an unanswered orphan of a message here in the forum while searching google for answers, to the effect either that this is a known and unanswered issue, or perhaps that we are simply not alone in experiencing it.


From my outside perspective, unable to see the contents of the macros involved, this does not seem to be a horribly complicated thing to fix. Is there a fix somewhere?


Please note that my client has expressed some intense frustration with Act! phone support, who have simply directed her through a few uninstallations and reinstallations of Act! and Office without escalating her issue or really seeming to understand the issue at all.

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Re: Act! 2009, Office 2007, and Quoting

I'm having the same problem. Even though Excel 2007 is set to save in 2003 .xls the tmp file it tries to run is saying it's an xslx format documentand that Excel is not installed.

Does anyone from Act raed this forum, hopefully this is something that is a common problem.