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Act! 2009 -- Licensing Issue

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Act! 2009 -- Licensing Issue

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Ok so I have a few problems documented here with Act! 2008.  I guess I am a glutton for punishment because I made the move to Act! 2009.  Got the program installed.  Registered via the dialog boxes and did the internet activation.  Everything seemed to be working yesterday except for the Act! Outlook integration.  I saved fixing that for today.


I boot up Act! 2009 today and I am greeted with this friendly and completely incorrect message...


"You are not incompliance with ACT! licensing terms. The number of active users exceeds the number of licenses available in this database."


It's a strange dialog box with no 3D buttons just a "hotlink" that says "Add Serial Number", so I click it.  The dialog box shows my serial number just as it appears on the back of the software packaging. I hit close and wala, I am in.


When I boot up Outlook, I am getting this error message...


"The ACT! Address Book service is not properly configured, or the configured database XXXX.pad is locked.  Do you want to configure it now?"


I click Yes.  Then I see the data base already in there, appears to be configured like a champ.  So I hit close, then I am taken back to the same message.  I click Yes, then Outlook opens without any kind of connection to ACT!.


I tried re-registering.  I had an activation key, so I did the registration by email.  I didn't see any other place for the activation key and I had guessed it would be there.  So I guess I am registered and activated.


*** UPDATE ***


I figured this out with some Remote Support.  

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Re: The Gods of Act! hate me -- Act! 2009 - Licensing Issue



See if this link helps you: Answer ID 13531, Error: The ACT! Address Book service is not properly configured, or one of the configured databases is locked. Do you want to configure it now?.