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Act 2009 Dialer

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Act 2009 Dialer

Can someone explain to me the hardware that is required to link my phone to my PC?

I'm guessing that a USB modem and its software will do it.  

That right?  


Currently I have a printer/fax between the phone wall outlet and my phone

TIA for your help.



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Re: Act 2009 Dialer

That is actually a Windows issue. ACT! simply uses the Windows dialer so the hardware requirements and setup is a Micro Soft issue. 

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Act 2009 Dialer

Hi Carlf - Roy is right.  The control of the dialer is done through Microsoft. 


But you asked what equipment is needed.  A modem is all you need.  Internal or external.  As long as you can get the modem to connect to the phone line, you should be able to use the dialer in ACT.


Don't forget that you have to set it up in preferences.  Again, as Roy mentioned, it will then use the Windows dialer.



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Re: Act 2009 Dialer

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Without a modem contact  ACT! Magic Jack add-on.

I think there are other act! voip addons that do not require modem but I could be wrong as I was once before.  I use the conexant modem that came with my dell desktop. get a good v.92  internal or external.. US Robotics is great stuff..  cheers - fsb

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Re: Act 2009 Dialer

I set up my ACT dialer with a phone and VOIPBuster using a Telbox and I have the dialer line going into a splitter and one goes to the phone the other one to the Telbox and the dialer dials the number, connects to VOIPbuster and voila, the ACT dialer dialogue opens up and records it automatically.