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Act! 200810.0 for Real Estate- Major Uninstall -Reinstall Issue + Dissatisfied customer comments

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Act! 200810.0 for Real Estate- Major Uninstall -Reinstall Issue + Dissatisfied customer comments

Product: Act! 2008 for Real Estate version

Operating SystemWindows XP

Operator Skills: better than average technical abilities with computers


I am at a real loss here. I dont have an expensive support contract and am not sure how to proceed except to explain the problem and then tell you how I feel about the program in general.




Uninstall--My computer system crashed and after getting it running again Act! would not operate. I attempted to uninstall Act then reinstall it.  Upon attempted uninstall I received first an Error code 1316,  followed immediately by an Error 1603- Fatal error.  Program rolls back its progress and refuses to uninstal and refuses to run. Multiple attempts- same response  

What kind of program besides an operating system so royally ingrains itself into your system that you cannot uninstall it? No excuse.


Reinstall--When selecting setup from the installation CD, to reinstall,  the program gives me only the options to remove or repair. Remove does not work as described above, so after trying the repair option I get a 'Maintenance complete' message. 


When I try to open and run the program the following message appears.  "Could not load file or assembly 'Act.Shared.ComponentModel,version =, culture = neutral, publickeytoken=ebf6b2ff4d0a08aa' or one of its dependencies.. System cannot find the file specified.


After reseraching the knowledge base it seems quite convoluted to uninstall on my own and nothing there leads me to believe I will get it working on my own either.. any takers out there....


I do not hold out high hopes for finding a solution to my uninstall -reinstall issue. especially with my next set of comments...




Comments on why I am generally dissatisfied with Act 2008 for real estate .....a little bashing from here on .... 


As a former Top Producer user for many years, I switched to Act! because a few non-realestate friends swore by regular Act!.  and it did not require online database storage like TP systems moved to a few years back.  The words "for Real Estate" need to be removed. I feel like I totally wasted my money and 2 years on this product as a real estate professional. I have used the program for nearly 2 years and find it quite inadequate when it comes to handling even the most basic of real estate transactions and clients. I have been patient and have given it every chance to make me happy. It hasn't and really it can not even track the simplest of little details in a real estate transaction from start to finish. It is focused primarily on contact that are Buyers and not Sellers and not transactions/deals that are moving toward final closing. Whoopie-it has a calendar and I can input contacts, but thats about it. I can go into very deep detail about what it cannot do that Top Producer could, but I think Sage already knows it was a limited attempt to make it a program for Realtors.  Obviously whoever created the "Real Estate" version never had to do the job as a successful Realtor.  NOT TO MENTION that even 2 years later you do not even have a separate forum for the real estate version. Its basic disfunctionality, the expensive product support plans and lame knowledge base that forces you to buy a pay for support plan are enough for me to give up on it.


I have kept this to myself until now. I don't like trashing your product, but this frustration is not mine alone. I have read your forums and it is a common thread running rampant throughout your self-help forums and the community in general. The number of similar, unresolved issues is astounding. Wake-up  SAGE Software, this should be a big RED FLAG to your corporate officers. I cannot ever recommend it to my real estate professional friends and peer groups. Basic MS outlook does a better job than Act!  and "No" I do not feel any better having said the above.


If I cannot resolve this issue I will trash the CD and never consider any ACT program again. 


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Re: Act! 200810.0 for Real Estate- Major Uninstall -Reinstall Issue + Dissatisfied customer comments

Sounds like left over/corrupted pieces of information from the original crash of the computer.  Here is a link to the Act! Uninstaller utility to more fully remove the Act! program from your computer before attempting to reinstall: Act! Uninstaller
Greg Martin