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Act 2008 sync with Windows Mobile 6

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Act 2008 sync with Windows Mobile 6

Something strange happened.  Somehow I have a slew of contacts on my PC that had their addressess wiped out.  All the missing information is still on my Samsung SCH-760 Phone with Windows Mobile 6.  Even after many successful syncs, the desired address info is still on the phone, but on the PC the fields are blank. 
I don't want to choose a one time Copy PC to overwrite Phone, because they will be gone and I will then have to manually re-enter the addresses.  I made a backup before I realized that the info was missing, like 70 contacts or so, so I would rather somehow find a way to get the phone to sync the data to the PC
Thanks for any ideas.
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Re: Act 2008 sync with Windows Mobile 6

Do you know what was done when the data was wiped?
What sync software are you using?
You could use the Backup of the database and import the corrupt data... telling ACT! to skip and records that mactch, but import new ones and merge the notes/hist, etc
You might also have a look at the trial of Handheld Contact from - it's by far the best sync for Windows Mobile and Blackberry users.