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Act 2008 re-installation

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Act 2008 re-installation

The harddisk on my desktop crashed and I had to re-install my ACT 2008. My ACT software will not start and I get the following message.

 " A service required by ACT is not currently running" "Please log on to your computer as administrator and start the service".


I have gone through a few re-installations and have read almost all posts regarding "protexis" I have stopped the service and restarted. Deleted the key in the registry. Re-installed protexis with licensingservice.exe. I cannot get past this message to start ACT. So in essence I cannot start ACT. 


My installation had been working for almost 2 years without any problems. I also purchased another license for my laptop and I was able to sync both databases. 


If anyone can help me get past this message so that I can start ACT, I would certainly appreciate it.



Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Act 2008 re-installation



Please check the site's knowledgebase articles for the Uninstallation utility.  I think it will help both of you, sorry I don't have the specific aritcle ID's handy, but a keyword search for "Uninstall" should help you narrow down the articles.


hope that is helpful.



Matthew McFadden
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Re: Act 2008 re-installation

Here is information on the uninstaller Matthew referred to.


There is an ACT! uninstaller utility available through the Knowledge Base. Search for Article ID 19338. The download is at the bottom of the article. 

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