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Act! 2008 missing ALF file

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Act! 2008 missing ALF file

Hi Sage Experts!

I've ended up with a very frustrating Act problem - I'll do my best to explain it thoroughly, but if anyone would like more info please ask.

Version: Act! by Sage 2008 (standard - not premium)

Users mostly remote (over VPN)


I came to migrate away from an old physical server that ran Act! 2008 and followed the instructions on the sage KB article:

As I followed the instructions it became apparent that the old server does not have an ALF file. I know everyone will tell me that this is the SQL transactional log file and it must exist. I also know that after several days of looking using amongst other things, dir/attrib/windows search/checking the past year of backupexec logs/undelete software, there is no file with an ALF extension and the correct database name.

I called Sage hoping to speak to someone/anyone who could tell me what I could do, but they refused to speak to me unless I upgraded the version of Act I was using. This is just not practical as the users are geographically dispursed over a large area, many with slow connections (mobile datacards) and the cost to upgrade was more than the new server cost.

I am now asking anyone out there to help - I have access to the old and new servers and will try pretty much any suggestion to get this working. I'm now against the clock to ensure that the remote databases don't expire before I get this working.

Any help would be extremely gratefully recieved.


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Re: Act! 2008 missing ALF file

The article you mentioned deals with how to retain a move a sync master database. If you have a sync environment, I would say that without a alf file your sync environment is gone. However, you can recreted it with anyone of the remote databases. 


Although Sage may not support ACT 2008, most ACT consultants propably will.  Your problem although not incredibly cheap is not incredibly expensive. Might I sugest you reach out to the ACT consultant of your choice.

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Re: Act! 2008 missing ALF file

It it possible to recreate ALF files.  Us SQL geeks who know our way around the backend of the database do it all the time.


I suggest you contact a consultant as Jon suggested.


good luck!

Mark Hammer
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Re: Act! 2008 missing ALF file

Hi Mark,


I have an army of SQL genii at my disposal... is it as simple as getting the SA password and treating it as a run of the mill SQL database?


I'm fairly sure the issue is that our install (for what ever reason) has the translog file named "database_log.LDF" which is allowing it to work on the old server, but not allowing the transfer as the new server is looking for a .ALF file.


Any further info would be massively appreciated!



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Re: Act! 2008 missing ALF file

Do you have a backup of the database created by ACT! from the old server?


For the correct way to move a database, see this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


You might need to have the database repaired if you don't have the ALF... contact Sage support.

FWIW: ACT! 2011 now has a function to rebuild ALF files