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Act! 2008 migration to new server

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Act! 2008 migration to new server

Hi All,


I'm in a bit of a tight spot here and looking for advice. I've not worked with Act before but one of my new clients relies on it. We need to migrate the Act database to a new server  and bring the clients in line. I've found a few topics on this board that talk about the process, however, none go to the depth that I need.


OK so for starters what configuration issues do I need to consider before migrating the database (it seems that client machines have their own copies of the database. Not sure how that works. Caching?)


What is the process for migrating the database and software on the server end


Any client configuration changes that need to be made (assuming the new server has the same IP as the old)?


Anything else you can think of?

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Re: Act! 2008 migration to new server

Hi dxmtech,

 if you're migrating to a new server I'd recommend you look at the 64 bit compatability issue

In a nutshell, ACT! 2008 won't run on a x64 server.

Also, ACT! 2008 is an unsupported version, I'd strongly recommend you upgrade to Sage ACT! 2012, which will run on x64 and is supported by Sage (and a good community of ACC's - ACT! Certified Consultants).


If the new server name and ip stay the same, and it's x32 OS, then you could simply 'replace' it (talk with an ACC prior doing this).


The client machines will have a live SQL connection to the database on the Server, although there are a number of configurations possible. Again, I'd be inclinded to find an ACC and work with them on the migration. 

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Re: Act! 2008 migration to new server

If you have data spread accross several machines.  would really be a good idea to have a certified consultant look before you start.  Depending on what the current configureation, not preparing properly could be a costly mistake.


For example are they syncing?  What are the planse in the future?  What about duplicates?  What about people working remotely?  Let us know if you want a quick phone call to go over options.

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