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Act 2008 apparently "locked" by large number of alarms

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Act 2008 apparently "locked" by large number of alarms

After devoting countless hours attempting to upgrade to ACT!2008 from ACT!2004 about a year ago, I finally abandoned the effort as I saw insurmountable obstacles to making the new ACT! anywhere equal to what I was doing with ACT!2004. With several improvements reported in ACT! 2009, I was hoping to reconsider the decision. In opening ACT!2008, however, the program freezes after the alarm window displays over 1000 reminders for various activities that I would have addressed over the past year. I've tried to "Select All" in the Alarms window, then Clear Alarms, Snooze, etc. and after getting the hourglass for about a couple of minutes, only the first activity is selected, and I'm unable to take any further action ("...ACT! is not responding...") I've tried Tools-Database Maintenance-Check and Repair, and it doesn't seem to be able to do the "Check and Repair" while the Alarms window is open. I was able to do Tools-Database Maintenance-Remove Old Data by going to this selection before the alarms window popped-up, but this doesn't affect any of the over 1000 alarms and the program locks just the same as before.


It doesn't appear that there's a way to copy the many custom layouts and reports that I spent hours restoring in 2008 back when I first attempted to use it a year ago. If they could be transfered to a new database, perhaps I could re-import the data from ACT! 2004. Does anybody have any ideas other than to delete the database I imported in early 2008, re-import from ACT!2004, and again attempt to manually rebuild about three customized screens and more than  30 customized reports that I have been using in ACT!2004 (which the import utility is unable import), a project that would take weeks to complete between doing what I have to do to make a living?



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Re: Act 2008 apparently "locked" by large number of alarms

Not sure that it would help but have you tried to Run  ACTDIAG and rebuild schema, etc?


Have you tried clicking on Task List from your ACT! Nav bar on the left?

  Then manually deleting those 1000 task ?


After you do your Select All

 Clear Activity option, have you tried just letting ACT! run over night to see if ACT! can actually delete the 1000 task?


I'm no expert in this area but that is what I would try.


Cheers - FSB


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