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Act 2008 Sync-just keeps running

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Act 2008 Sync-just keeps running

I have 2 data bases in Act 08.  One is very small and the other has about 1300 contacts.  When I try to sync between my laptop and desk top it just runs and runs and won't sync.  I have been an act user for 6 years and this is frustrating.  I was able to get it to sync 2 times in the past 90 days.  I was able to get the smaller data base to sync today but the larger wont and it has been almost 3 days trying.  Has anyone had this issue and how do we fix it.



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Re: Act 2008 Sync-just keeps running

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Which build of ACT! 2008 are you using?  ACT! 10.0.3 update fixed a lot of syncing issue.


Download 10.0.3 update from ACT!'s download center -


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