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Act 2008 10.0 Email Templates

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Act 2008 10.0 Email Templates

Ok so I have not used Act in years and at my new job I convinced management that we needed it. Well one of the things I used often in the past was mail merge with email templates to contact prospects, send out specials to customers etc. And before we got Act I was having to do this with an HTML file through Outlook Express, which works great, except it is not customized to each person and looks very "mass email".


I have created a template that looks about the way I want it. But when i send it none of my images are included and my fonts are not used.


Anyone willing to point me to a tutorial or tell me what I might be doing wrong?





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Re: Act 2008 10.0 Email Templates

Have you been waiting for a reply since 2008 without luck? It's now 2014 and I can't find the solution to this problem even though there are a number of posts asking about it. 


Did you manage to figure it out? I don't understand why it is pulling through ACT fields (that we use to avoid that mass mail feel) in a different font. I have changed the font to arial 11 in the template, in preferences and in design layouts on the actual fields I'm using. It looks fine in the template, but once the email comes through the font of the salutation and company name are still in Calibri. I am at my wits end!