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Act! 2007 (v9) and Palm T|X

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Act! 2007 (v9) and Palm T|X

My boss just bought a new Palm (Palm T|X) and I'm concerned that I will not be able to sync our ACT! data with it.  I'm in the process of charging the Palm.  There's very little if no information on either the Palm site or the ACT! site with reference to the steps needed to get the Palm up and running and the database synchronized.  At this point, the only instructions I have are the Palm instructions to get their software loaded.  I tried loading the handheld software from the ACT! CD but I received an error message. I'm thinking I need first install the Palm software and then the handheld software and see where I'm at.  Another little twist is that my boss called her IT person to move the ACT! database from my computer to our server.  He got it to work but now I'm concerned that's going to put a whammy on the handheld and sync process.  Any suggestions?
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Re: Act! 2007 (v9) and Palm T|X

Your Palm device should sync fine with the database on the server.  What was the error that you received when you installed ACT Link for Palm?  Also make sure that Palm Desktop and HotSync are installed and that you can do a successful sync before you install the ACT Link software.

Greig Hollister

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