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Act 2007 Email problems

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Act 2007 Email problems

I am using Act 2007 and having difficulty with the email feature.  I'm having the following problems.


If I select to use Internet Email Act will not accept my outgoing smtp server.  Although I input the exact same smtp server as I do with all my other email programs I get a failed message when I click the test button.


If I use Outlook Express option the program will send one email and then lock up.  Meaning if I go into a contact and select email from the menu or try to click the person's email address nothing happens.  All other features in Act still work but it will not send an email. 


I can get it to work with Outlook but I do not want to use it.  I would prefer to use the Internet mail option. 

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Re: Act 2007 Email problems

It could potentially be an issue with the ports being used by your internet mail provider, if they're non-default (25, 110) then it won't work with ACT Email, it would also be an issue if they're using IMAP.