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Act 2007 (9.0) issue with user/password

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Act 2007 (9.0) issue with user/password



I've inherited a database from a previous employee and was attempting to replace myself as the user, while keeping the previous employee's name attached to all historical notes for tracking.


 Using version single-user license (database stored locally) on Win XP (yes, it is old...), I added myself as a user with admin, since the previous employee was greyed out and I could not find a way to change her information without completely losing her from historical information.


Once I had added myself (with no password), I was prompted to log out. When I logged back in, it requested a password. Which was a new thing as when I first opened the database, there was no password (I have since confirmed with the previous employee that there was no password set on the database).

When I tried to login with my username, I was given a message that I had exceeded the number of users allowed (annoying for moving forward, but understandable). So I tried to login with the previous employee's username and was given an invalid login/password message. I have confirmed that there is no password associated with the database, even trying company default passwords.


Nothing. I've tried running actdiag as suggested on the forum. The database is marked as unlocked and I can find nothing in the audit logs about a password change at any time.


I'd hate to start with this company by charging them a tech support fee on something that I imagine is basic, but just being missed by me.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Act 2007 (9.0) issue with user/password

The database that you inherited, did you inherit their entire machine as well, or did you inherit a backup that you restored to your own machine? If you inherited their entire machine to pick up where they left off, it's likely that since the database started as a single user database, that the database just automatically logged in upon opening act because the password was remembered in the system at the time, and over time the user forgot that there even was a user name or a password. Unless you specifically remember typing in the user name for the database and leaving the password field blank, there may actually be a password.


Something you might be able to do, is to install act on another computer if you have one that hasn't had Act! installed on it already, copy the database over there and try to make the adjustments to the users, set the original user to inactive, then copy it back over to the intended machine. It might let you do it since it'll be in a trial mode, which if I recall correctly, will let you have multiple users until you add the licenses to the program.


If not, it will be necessary to have the password reset in accordinance with  the following knowledgebase article:

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