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Act! 2006 updates not unpacking

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Act! 2006 updates not unpacking

I have just installed Act! 2006 on a Windows XP laptop. There are two updates that I have downloaded ACT801StandCAUpdate and ACT802StandCAUpdate. In both cases when I attempt to open the update i get an error message that reads: "There is not enough space on drive c:\ to extract this package. Please free up 128.78MB and retry." I have over 44g of free disk space on drive C. I have rebooted a number of times ... same message. Any ideas?
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Re: Act! 2006 updates not unpacking

I had the same thing happen to me. What I did was extract the files into a folder using winrar  - a trial version should be available off the web. Then use the setup file in the extracted group of files and the update goes normally.

Hope this helps



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Re: Act! 2006 updates not unpacking

This problem from what I understand is a bug in the way that the Microsoft Installer reads the amount of space on a drive. (which it seems even now still hasn't been resolved). If the computer gets to a certain amount of space on the drive, it will read in MBs intead of GBs. You can remedy this by changing the amount of space on the drive by about 200mb. (easiest way is to copy the installer file about 3 or 4 times in the same location)

Michael Kadlec
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Re: Act! 2006 updates not unpacking

Yes this is a goofy error that has been around for some time.  This error is related to a multiple of 4 in the space remaining on your machine.  If you open Internet Explorer and delete the temporary files, this may resolve the issue.  Otherwise delete the files at the location of your TMP and your Windows\TEMP locations, and that should also solve this issue.



Matthew McFadden