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Act 2005! and too many alarms

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Act 2005! and too many alarms

I have a user with 1882 alarms.  I know that is too many to deal with and keep a system running smoothly as we have older computers.  Even on my newer one I am finding it almost impossible to go through and at least snooze these alarms.  Ideally I would like to be able to get rid of any alarm that is not of the past 6 months.   Is there a way to do this through administration or is this strictly a user based function? Thank you for your time
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Re: Act 2005! and too many alarms

Unfortunately, there isn't a global 'administration' function that will remove the alarms.  You will need to sign into the database as that user so that you get the alarm window.  On the alarm window you can hold the 'Shift' key to select alarms in blocks and then use the Clear Alarm button. 


Another option is to use the Task List to clear multiple activites at a time.  On the Task List, display the activities assigned to that user and again by using the 'Shift' key you can select a block of activites.  Right click and select 'Clear Multiple Activities'.  This will actually clear the activities, not just the alarm.


I recommend doing them in blocks (not the whole list) to reduce the overhead the command will use while executing.  You may want to start by clearing 10 or 15 at first and increase the number to test the response.

Greg Martin