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Act! 20 Pro Single User at Home and Work?

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Act! 20 Pro Single User at Home and Work?

Considering giving Act! a try.  What are the recommended solutions for a single user to use a single licensed copy of Act! Pro for home and office?  I could remote in to my PC but wondering if there are other options.  Can the database be put in a Dropbox folder?  Can an installed versions on both home and office computer sync data?  Can you link to the data on a Windows Server at a remote location?  Appreciate any assistance on how this is done, if possible?

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Re: Act! 20 Pro Single User at Home and Work?

Hi there Franz,


The majority of 'remote' connection options are Premium only features, however, there are a number of different options available to use with Pro.


One popular option is remoting directly to the host PC as you've said, but Act! also works connecting from one machine to another through a VPN connection (sometimes there's one or two additional setup steps involved, depending on the features of the VPN used).


If you are wanting to be able to access your data offline, or on a laptop that will be travelling out of the office - you could consider creating a remote database, which is essentially a copy of your main database that has the ability to update all changes while you are in the office, but doesn't rely on being connected to the main DB at all times.


You can't host the database on something like OneDrive or Dropbox unfortunately - an Act! database is more complicated than a series of files - it's part of a background process that runs on your PC.


For more information on using VPN with Act please see here:

KB 14309 - Can I Use Act! With a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Connection?


For info on Remote Database Synchronisation:

KB 14116 - How do I set up remote database synchronization in Act!?



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Re: Act! 20 Pro Single User at Home and Work?

A couple of observations from my experience -


VPN direct access to a database is only really viable where you have a fast internet connection and a small database or performance slows to the point of frustration.


Sync is the most effective way having a database that you can use out of the office on a laptop etc as you don't need to be connected to the internet or your workplace to use the database. As Jon says you just sync back the changes when you are next in the office. (Or using VPN)


Regarding a licence - ACT allows for you using the same licence on 2 machines for the same user.