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Act! 18-phone dialog prompt everytime I run program

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Act! 18-phone dialog prompt everytime I run program

This is the latest version approved for Windows 10 and I am getting this problem again. Which raises the question when was the last time anyone used the lame telephony options that are available in this program? I mean, which decade was that?

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Act! 18-phone dialog prompt everytime I run program

This issue is caused by a change in Windows  to a particular registry key.


you can try resolve this issue using the following steps:


Close Sage ACT!.

On your keyboard, hold down the Windows key and press R. The Run box opens.
Type regedit and click OK. The Windows Registry Editor opens.


This will create a backup of your registry.
Click File, then Export.
In the File name: box, type "Registry backup [current date]".
For the Export range, select All.
Select Desktop from the locations on the left side.
Click Save. This will create a backup of your registry.


(A-) Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Telephony\Country/region List

Note: If the Country/regionList is not present:
a. Right-click the Telephony folder and select Permissions…
b. Under Group or usernames, select Users and check Full Control, then click Apply
c. Restart Act!, then go back to the registry, then click View > Refresh to verify that the Country/Region List is now available

Note: If the Country/region list is still not present, you may need to reboot your computer before proceeding further.

d. Close Act! and proceed with the rest of this article

-Right-click on the Country/region List and select Export.
-Click Desktop on the left, type Country List in the File name: box, and click Save.
-Switch to your Desktop view and locate the icon for Country List.reg that you just saved.
-Right-click on it and select Edit. The file will open in Notepad.
-Click Edit Menu, then Replace.
-In the Find what: box type /region. Be sure to include the forward slash before the word "region".
-Leave the Replace with: box empty. Click Replace All.
-Click File > Save, - then File > Exit.
- Double-click on the file from your Desktop. Click Yes when prompted, then click OK.

This will add a new key to your registry called Country List in the same location described in Step (A-)


Reopen Sage ACT! to test.



Do not forget to periodically back up your database - including attachments - in a folder created for this purpose. - Then copy this ZIP file to a USB stick or external drive for better security.

Keep in a safe place the Act! administrator password.

Good luck and best regards,