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Act 16 and Office365 CTR

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Act 16 and Office365 CTR

Anyone have any idea if the new version of Act out next week will work with the CTR versions of Office365.    Manually recording every email/letter/response against contacts is a serious PITA.    Thanks

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Re: Act 16 and Office365 CTR

I was using Act! 213 with CTR ... it can work.

But Act! 2014 (v16) officially supports it
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Re: Act 16 and Office365 CTR

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I am trying to use Outlook from Office 365 Small Business with ACT 16. Act doesn't seem to be integrating completely with Outlook. The ACT addin seems to be loading, and if I go to the ADD-INS tab from the main view, I see 2 icons in the toolbar commands frame. They are "Sync Contacts with ACT" and "Sync Calendar with ACT."

I have no icons to attach emails to contacts. I have tried uninstalling ACT and then reinstalling it, but the result is the same.

In MS Word, I have the Act Frame in the ADD-INS tab, and I have a pull-down menu that lets me attach the file to ACT. There is no pull down menu in Outlook.

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Re: Act 16 and Office365 CTR

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I've been using this add-on for the past year with outlook 2010 and ACT v16. It is awesome. So much better than using the native ACT outlook utility. I'm planning to upgrade to office 365 business and have sent an email to Designer R1 asking if this is compatible. I'll try to remember to post their response when I get it.