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Act 12, SQL instance unavailable - unusual case

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Act 12, SQL instance unavailable - unusual case

I've just done some upgrades for a client, new hardware, replacing Windows XP with Windows 7 64 bit, etc.

Act installs and runs just fine on the new machines, with one exception, which I'll get to shortly.


System specs:

AMD A-6-5400B


Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, in a domain, with SBS 2003.

Act 2012 SP1 Hotfix 7


Database is in a shared folder on the server, and several clients access it.


I've got the standard "SQL Instance is unavailable" error, but it's only showing up at certain times.

I can open the database just fine, browse records, make changes, etc.  No problems at all with any of these activities, regardless of machine.

This client has an awful lot of documents, which are saved as files on the server, with .lnk files pointing to them from the Act database.  Most of these are .wpa files, some created with Act 6 way back in the day.

When I try to open one of these from within Act on a Windows 7 machine, using the attachment link in the Act interface, it says it was created in an older version of Act, do I want to convert it, blahblah.  I click yes, and it waits for 30 seconds or so, then gives me the "SQL Instance is unavailable" error.  This is only on the Windows 7 machines; I've got a couple of machines that haven't been upgraded yet, still running XP, and they work fine.  On the Windows 7 machines, using the database works fine, too; it's just the attachments.

This error even shows up if I browse through the files in Windows Explorer, find the attachment file on the server, and double click to open it that way.


This is obviously not an issue with the SQL server not running, firewalled, or what have you, because the database itself is completely accessible by any machine in the office.  It's only when trying to view attachments on a Windows 7 machine that I run into problems.


I've checked SQL server logs, and absolutely nothing shows up when this error is displayed.  Is database configuration information stored in the .wpa file, and it's trying to use that?  (The database in use when some of these files were created no longer exists, as it's been converted to the SQL format from the flatfile format of 6.0, and it's also been moved to a new server in the intervening years.)  But if this is the case, why does it work fine on Windows XP?


What kind of database activity is needed to open a single page .wpa file from Act?

Any ideas on what I should check next?




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Posts: 17
Country: Canada

Re: Act 12, SQL instance unavailable - unusual case

Another thought I've had:

Does the conversion process from Act 6 .wpa format to Act 2012 .wpa format use any old 16 bit code?  If so, it might explain what's happening here, as it could be the 32/64 bit change that's causing issues, rather than the XP/7 change.


I'm going to see if I can test on a Win7 x86 machine, and see if it works or not, but I haven't been able to yet.


Any input from anyone?