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Act! 12 Pro or Premium

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Act! 12 Pro or Premium

I run a financial marketing business from home with no other employees.  I wish to run Act! on both my desktop and laptop PC's.  How do I keep them sync'd.  I am not using a server, just the two PC and a home wireless network.

Many thanks,


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Re: Act! 12 Pro or Premium

Hello Bob,


Depending on the version of ACT! , you have 3 options.

  - Application (Pro & Prem)

  - Network Sync Service (Prem)

  - Internet Sync Service (Prem and needs IIS)



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Re: Act! 12 Pro or Premium

One database (likely the PC) would be the main database.  From that you create a remote database to use on your laptop.  You can sync them on a schedule or manually.  The online help in Act! has a pretty good reference for doing that.


(You only need Act Pro for this.)

Mark Rogers
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Re: Act! 12 Pro or Premium

Do you want Internet access to your contacts?  I use 2012 Premium (access via web) so I can access with my laptop (and iPhone) from anywhere with wifi.  You will need to have a static IP on your router---most ISPs charge a modest fee for this.


Syncing databases is a solid option, but it is time consuming. 


If you have a smartphone, I'd also check out Handheld Contact.