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Act 11 - total crash or Act/Computer/Outlook

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Act 11 - total crash or Act/Computer/Outlook

Synopses of my problem:

-> Install Act 11.0 for the first time from CD on a new PC with Win XP SP 3 and registered it. - All OK.

-> Imported the data in to the new database database. - All OK

-> Computer slowed down (my mouse started to freeze for few second every few minutes)

-> Act DB crashed (could not open my new DB or even a demo DB (error message - DB is locked. Call Admin) or create new DB (some problem with SQL)) 

-> Tried to un-install. I am not sure is it was 100% successful as I could see Act components after the installation. 

-> Tried to use Outlook, but it crashed with error message that Act integration is causing issues and started in "Save mode" (lost account configuration during the Detect and Repair process)

-> After few day of pondering about all of the above and not really able to use the computer, I performed a final solution on "ACT". I had to use "XP System Restore" utility to roll back my computer to the point before ACT was installed. The process was successful and now I am able to use my computer.


Any suggestions what could have gone wrong? I am little paranoid to try it again, but I still like to use it.


Thank you Lev.

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Re: Act 11 - total crash or Act/Computer/Outlook

For sure it pays to have backups before and after a major project.

Your summary was pretty good, but probably left out some vital info but here is one possible solution?


When you re-install ACT! 11, do not setup your Email part of things right away.

 See how ACT! works and use Outlook separate from ACT!  for a day or two?

  Then try to configure your ACT! Email if things seem to be working ok up to that point.


Do you have proper version of SQL and dot net framework?


I'm just guessing here not having seen all the errors... Good luck. Cheers - FSB

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