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Act 11 Dynamic Link Contacts Companies

Tuned Listener
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Act 11 Dynamic Link Contacts Companies

If I am understanding this coorectly, when a contact is dynamically linked to a company, any changes in the Company will automatically change the "value" in the contact (so long as the attributes are the same).  Am I correct?  Also only the orginally linked (manually linked) contact has a hyperlink to the company, none of the other have that.  Is there a trick or hint?
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Re: Act 11 Dynamic Link Contacts Companies

Adding a contact to a company doesn't 'link' the contact.  To link contacts to a company, follow the steps below.
  1. Create a lookup of the contacts.
  2. From the Contact List, select the contacts. Or, click Tag All.
  3. From the Companies menu, select Link to Company.
  4. Select the company to link the contact to. Click OK.


The linked contacts are now static members of the company. All of their notes, activities, histories, and opportunities appear in the company's tabs. On the contact's Detail view, the Company name appears as a hyperlink.


Note: A contact can be a member of multiple companies, but can be linked to only one company.