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Act 11 2009: not syncing remote database

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Act 11 2009: not syncing remote database

This is a strange one, as my remote database does sync with the act database. However, the changes I am making on the database on the server is not syncing with the database on my laptop. I am wondering if I am syncing to a different act database than the one the other machines are working on? How can I tell? Also it says in the sync log: Exceptions Occurred - 122


I reindexed both and it went down to 36 exceptions, but still files that are in each of the databases are not syncing. My laptop has 4,837 contacts and the one I want to be syncing with on the server has 4,734. 


How do I find which database my act is syncing to, and if it is syncing to the right database, what is the problem? Alternatively, if it is syncing to another database, how do I get my current remote synced to the correct database that the other machines are using on the server?


Thanks in advance!!! 


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Re: Act 11 2009: not syncing remote database

An easy way to determine the Publisher (main) database that you are syncing with is to: open the remote database > go to Tools > select Synchronization Panel > select Manage Main Database Location.  It will list the main database name and the computer name (or IP address) it resides on.


You mentioned that you 'reindexed' both databases, did you run both Integrity Check and Reindex (the Check and Repair option under Tools > Database Maintenance)?  


If it is syncing to a different database than the one you expect/want, you will need to create a new remote from the desired main database and then import the changes in the old remote into the new remote.


How to create a remote database:


Best Practices for importing an Act database into another Act Database:


Greg Martin