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Act 10 crashes at startup

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Act 10 crashes at startup

Have v10.3.182.0 from2008 - crashes when PC starts up and whenever I tried to manually start or open a dBase.


Have had same problem three tiimes before just aftera Windows update.  Now support refuese to help and wants me to upgrade to newer version. Apparently Sage did not account for changes in .Net. - any idea???


I have had so little access to this version that I exported my data out and imported it into a more reliable earlier version.


Rant: What kind of company forces usesr to update through lack of support and failure to fix endemic problems? 

Not one that will have me as a customer for much longer - Shocking that a three year old version is toast, more shocking that there have been so many dBase structure changes over the years - If we did that with jet engine data you would never know  find the causes for an engine failure.  Is it a lack of forethought in defining the structure or deliberate effort to induce upgrades?