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Act 10 Recording a history from an activity

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Act 10 Recording a history from an activity

Hi I am a new user to ACT. I am making cold calls via phone. If I am in the contact field and call someone on May 30 hit left message, then double click the activity date and schedule that call again for june 2 and then call them on June 2 and again left a message my hisotry does not get recorded. Do I need to schedule a new activty and then clear the old one. My boss has an older act version that he justs rehits left message and it records it. Any help?   
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Re: Act 10 Recording a history from an activity

This is how I do it and it works fine (I am in sales and make lots of calls).

When I make my call and clear the activity, if I left a message then select that.  At the bottom of that window there is a follow-up button.  Use that button to shedule your follow-up call.  It carries forward your regarding information so you don't have to type it in, you can also select whatever date and time you want to make the call.

When it is time to make the new call and you clear this new activity, you should have a seperate call history come up.