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Account access restrictions

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Account access restrictions

My company wants to start using act for our 5 salespeople.  We are thinking of using the corporate edition of act.  We have been looking for a crm solution for some time but what my boss wants eliminates some of the choices out there. 


We want to be able to restrict our salespeople from seeing the contacts of other salespeoples customers.  Can this be done?  For expample, if salesperson 1 wants to see if anyone is working with walmart, he could go to the walmart customer page and see if someone is listed as their salesperson already.  If salesperson 2 is listed as the salesperson for walmart, then we dont want salesperson 1 to see anything else about the customer such as contacts, phone numbers, or even an address.  So basically our salespeople can see their own customers and then can also see which co-worker of theirs is assigned to an account, but no additional info about the co-workers contacts in that account.  Can this be done in act? 

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Re: Account access restrictions

You can set limited access on the contacts.  This will accomplish limited certain contacts to each user.


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